Nodor is a brand historically closely linked to Mediterranean cuisine and kitchen furniture. It aligns with the understated and minimalist profile of its products. Its extensive range of cooking and white goods positions it as a clear benchmark in the industry.
The new Nodor products cater to today’s individuals—innovative models that combine ease of use, excellent performance and an elegant aesthetic, creating the kitchen as an ideal family gathering place.
At NODOR, we invest heavily in having the latest technology. Our product range harnesses all its benefits while remembering that the key is to make the complex easy to simplify our lives.
Our recent expansion into foreign markets is a crucial part of our business projection. Because at NODOR, we aim every day to open new markets, expanding horizons so that, wherever you are, your kitchen is also NODOR.




- Efficient innovation

- Maximum quality standards

- Products designed and manufactured in Spain

- 5-year warranty


Efficient innovation

Over 50 years of innovating for a better kitchen.
A company that consistently invests in research and development to create and develop technologically perfect products.

Maximum quality standards

Our proven experience in creation, development and manufacturing is one of the pillars supporting the high efficiency, quality and reliability of our products.

Products designed and manufactured in Spain

We take pride in being the first Spanish manufacturer of extractor hoods, and all our products boast high levels of quality and warranty.

One of the largest industrial groups in the sector with a global presence.
Continually expanding internationally by establishing subsidiaries and branches. Currently operating in more than 100 countries.

5-year warranty

The experience and use of high-quality materials are evidence of our guarantee. We are so confident in Nodor’s quality that we offer a 5-year total warranty on the purchase of most Nodor products. Only valid for Spain and Portugal

Technology and design

Maximum functionality and ease of use are criteria for all our products.
Nodor’s commitment is to offer the latest technology and design, combined with high performance, functionality and efficiency.

Respect for the environment

Development of products and manufacturing processes that optimise energy consumption and minimise environmental impact, using sustainable materials.





Harnessing scientific knowledge is at our fingertips every time we press a simple button on the microwave, oven or induction hob. You don’t need to know the laws of physics or be an engineering expert. Cooking can be as simple as pressing the right device and waiting for the process to finish. That’s NODOR technology. Because enjoying the pleasure of cooking is not incompatible with the advances that technology offers us.